Flat belt conveyor

Flat Belt Conveyor

Flat Belt Conveyors

Flat Belt systems are mainly used for handling all types of packaging or loose products. Flat conveyor belts are the perfect way to easily transport a wide range of goods internally. Depending on the use, the belt finish can either be a grip surface for inclines, low friction, or food quality, this is achieved using either rubber, PVC or specified materials. Our range is designed for light to medium duty applications. Based on your intralogistics needs, we provide flat conveyor belts that allow you to easily optimize or expand your existing processes.

Flat belt conveyors are a type of conveyor system commonly used in manufacturing, distribution, Packaging, warehousing, and logistics operations to transport goods or materials horizontally or with a slight incline. They consist of a flat belt made of various materials (such as rubber, PVC, or plastic) stretched between two pulleys. Here are some key features and considerations of flat belt conveyors.