90 Deg Bend Belt conveyor

90° Bend Belt Conveyor

90° Bend Belt conveyor

A 90-degree bend belt conveyor, also known as a 90-degree curve conveyor or simply a bend conveyor, is a type of conveyor system that is designed to change the direction of material flow by 90 degrees. It allows for smooth and efficient transfer of items or materials around corners or tight spaces within a production or distribution facility. Here’s an overview of the components and operation of a 90-degree bend belt conveyor


90-degree bend belt conveyors are commonly used in manufacturing, distribution centers, warehouses, and airports for handling packaged goods, boxes, cartons, totes, and other items that need to be transferred around corners or tight spaces. They are ideal for optimizing space utilization and creating efficient material flow layouts within facilities, allowing for the smooth movement of items along curved paths. 90-degree bend belt conveyors can be integrated into larger conveyor systems or used as standalone units, depending on the specific material handling requirements of the application.