CAE Services

Computer Aided Manufacturing(CAE) Services

Mechatrosys Team provides a diverse range of CAE services and solutions to meet our clients’ needs in failure analysis, advanced simulations and product development. We have completed hundreds of high-fidelity projects to trouble shoot failure mechanisms, identify potential risks and guide product development decisions

Mechatrosys Analysis team is expertise in using advanced simulation software’s to drive product design, reducing the need for expensive prototype testing.

Mechatrosys believe, the more important ingredient to successful engineering evaluations lies in our keen ability for problem solving and root cause analysis. Our engineers have extensive experience developing CAE models and interpreting the data, saving our customers money and helping them get better products to market faster

Services overview

Structural Analysis
  • Linear, Non-Linear – Material, Geometric, Contact
  • Static and Dynamic Analysis
  • Durability Analysis
  • Stress & Strain Based Fatigue Analysis
  • Topology Optimization
Multibody Dynamics
  • Kinematics and Dynamic motion of a mechanism
  • Engine cylinder movement analysis
  • Cam follower mechanism analysis
  • Slider Crank analysis
Dynamic and Vibrational Analysis
  • Modal analysis
  • Frequency Response analysis
  • Random response analysis
Thermal Analysis
  • Steady state thermal analysis
  • Conduction analysis
  • Thermo structural analysis
  • Heat transfer analysis
  • Radiation
  • FE modeling & Meshing
  • NVH & Crash Analysis
  • CFD and thermal flow simulation
  • Optimization and weight reduction
  • Composite material optimization
  • Sheet metal forming simulation
  • Moldflow Analysis
  • Weld joint analysis
  • Optimize design for cost & performance.
  • Discover why a failure occurred and implement design solutions
  • Prevent stress concentrations from causing a failure
  • Implement an analysis driven design process instead of using a guess test and revise method.
  • Pass stringent design requirements and qualification testing faster with fewer iterations